Infinity 2 Stage Leg, 2 Motor, 120kg lifting weight, 4 Memory (Frame only)

Specifications:   CATALOGUE
    • Heavy duty steel construction ensuring increased stability.
    • Expandable framework
    • 4 stage memory storage height adjustment using a push button
    • Auto stop function if the desk encounters a obstacle on the way down.
    • Push button activation
    • Double motor drive assembly
    • Dynamic load push: 600N each leg
    • Maximum lift capacity is 120kg
    • Speed at full load: 35mm/S
    • Lowest position: 700mm (Not including top)
    • Highest position: 1,200mm
    • Minimum extension length: 1,000mm
    • Minimum depth of the desktop recommended is 600mm
    • Base (Foot) length: 700mm (600mm option, Indent Only)
    • Available as standard in White , with Black and Grey optional
    • Sizes = 2,100mm, 1,800mm, 1,500mm, 1,200mm x 800mm (Or any size between.  Minimum depth of the desktop recommended is 600mm)
    • All adjustments for the height are infinitely locking
    • 25mm thick table top is a suggested thickness
    • Solid steel frame construction with a powder coated finish
    • Some assembly required
    • Electrical Approval No. AZ 69020747

    Box size:  = 350W x 1070D x 200H  (0.8m3)  Weight =  31kg. 

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