Steno-matic 3 Lever, Heavy Duty, step by step back upright, with solid back cover.

AFRDI 151 Rated Load Heavy Duty Control

Steno-matic Heavy Duty 3 Lever Ratchet Control

Steno-matic Heavy Duty is a complete and functional solution to fulfilling any requirement for medium and high class ranges of office chairs.
Features include:
...• Heavy Duty construction suitable for AFRDI 151 Rated Load Heavy Duty Chair requirements for the Rated Load Standard.
...• 3 levers to operate:
...• Chair height adjustment
...• Infinite seat angle adjustment
...• Infinite back angle adjustment
...• Step by Step back height adjustment.
...• Solid plastic back upright cover with easy fitting and clear graphics printed.
...• Paddles with clear graphics printed.
...• Many configurations are possible including 2 lever, suitable for seat slider and other fixing positions possible

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